lunes, 21 de abril de 2008


Me fui y regrese, a disfrutar del Festival imperial ’08 en Costa Rica. Ahora Les tratare de explicar de la manera mas sencilla lo que viví en mi viaje concierto…

I’m gona turn megalomaniac when i see that tonight, tonight your gonna stay under my umbrella. I think that’s gonna be a night that I will never forget, because I will be at el baile y el salón thinking to repeat this thing again . Eres, what can I say with a chilanda banda, that make the music of the night and then ask you, Are you in?

Well the time is running and the circle of life will take me. Déjate caer, some one says, I will if Todas las flores will catch me. Anna Molly what can I say, you make the night perfect.
I have been waiting since 1979 or for more just because…

Vovler a comenzar is the think that makes me going, and waiting for the kiss that send us off!

Can you see the moon, Ava adore

*Bueno, no me puedo quejar de nada del viaje. Me fui con las mejores personas a disfrutar de un concierto que estuvo pffff!!! Sin palabras.

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